Growth through SEO & Content Marketing

Grow your business with SEO-Focused Content Marketing

What services I provide?

My Services Revolve around Modern SEO & Content


Technical SEO Audit

Find and fix all the technical errors which hinders organic growth of a website. 


On-Page Optimization

Get titles, meta tags, urls in order. Let CTR (Click-Through Rate) improve and hence traffic & sales.


Link Building

Let me do the outreach process to acquire links which will help your keyword to rank better.


eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is not so different. I focus on design, user experience, Analytics, technical problems and link building to grow online stores ROI.

Why hire me? Why not an agency ?

If your major goal is getting sh*it done and in time with profit, then you should hire Aditya for SEO in Hong Kong. No commitment, no BS, just Ranking & Growth or no payment at all!

My Projects & Experience

What Brand & Companies, I have worked with?

SEO Consultant

Nov 2018- October 2019

* 3x traffic in 8 months from 6.7K to 19.8K (now)
* Improved Organic Traffic Conversion Rate (Organic Goal Conversion Rate by 26.02% while Paid Traffic GCR 16.82%)
*Wrote blogs which receive more than 10% of the web traffic.
*Improved Homepage CTR from 1.6 to 4.1 (2.5 %) in just one month.
*Targeted buyer keywords in page


eCommerce SEO Specialist (Part-time)

May 2019- Present

* Keyword research to get buying intent mapping

* Content Planning
* Structured navigational URLs for better UX
* Optimized Shopify Website for organic traffic
*Increased Collection Pages CTR 
* Suggested Changes for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Founder & Blogger

April 2017- Present

Career is a Hospitality blog which I created back in 2016 and I try to connect with the Hotel Interns/ Graduates to gather their experiences in Hotel Industry and I believe that is one of the major consideration of the fellow students who wish to pursue their career in Hospitality. Till now I have gathered more than 6.5 K Followers on my Facebook Blog page with a larger demographics.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Connected web with Analytics & Search Console
Optimized Old Blogs for SEO
Drove 100% traffic from 20-600 visitors in just 1 month
Improved CTR by 37% in just one month
Successfully recovered and disavowed 800+ hacking backlinks of Pharma hack


SEO Specialist & Paid Advertiser

Dec 2018- May 2019

Working on Improving Organic Results
Ranked “Social Media Agency” in top 5 results for PRDA
Ranked “Digital Agency” in top 10 for PRDA Asia
Creating & implementing strategies for capturing new leads
Worked on Agile and Zoho CRM for Marketing Automation
Paid Media Advertiser for both Facebook & Instagram Platforms

Red² Digital Agency

Digital Marketing Intern

• Worked on the creation of Contents for Blog, Website and Social Media Promos.
• Worked as a member in Social Media Marketing Team of Sennheiser.
• Maintained Social Media and Planned contents for RED² Business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
• Worked on the creation of Social Media Optimization Playbook.
• Drove new followers to company’s Instagram and Facebook
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